RADAR meaning in Wireless Technology ?

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INFO: Full form for RADAR is Radio Detection And Ranging in Wireless Technology category
RADAR also has other full forms in other categories mentioned below.

Full Form Category
Research And Depth And Relationship Academic & Science
Register of Australian Drug and Alcohol Research Associations & Organizations
Royal Association for Disability Rights Associations & Organizations
Results, Approach, Deployment, Assessment, and Review Business
Receive, Analyze, Distribute, And Report Business
Royal Association for Disability And Rehabilitation Business
Rapid Assessment of Devices, Assets, and Repair Business
Remember Ask Document Assess And Review Community
Radio's All-Dimension Audience Research Community
Rural Aids Development Action Research Community
IEEE International RADAR Conference Community
Rising Artist Detection and Recognition Community
Registrar Contact Information Database Computing
DappRadar Cryptocurrency
Reports Of Automated Data Applied To Reintegration General
A Ranging And Detection Of Antenna Radios General
Radio And Detection And Ranging General
Raising Aid for Dogs At Risk General
Rodent Activated Detection And Riddance General
Radio Aid to Detection and Ranging General
Reducing and Detering Adult Reoffending General
Recognize Assess Decide Act and Review General
Recognize Avoid Discover Answer and Recover General
Remote Assisted Detection And Ranging General
Recognize Answer Discourage Avoid and Recover General
Real Accountability Data Analysis for Results General
Recognize Avoid Discover Answer Recover General
Regional Alcohol And Drug Awareness Resources Governmental
Rapid Assessment of Drug and Alcohol Results Governmental
Risk Assessment of Drugs - Analysis and Response Governmental
Rapid Automatic Detection and Alignment of Repeats Medical
Rational Assessment of Drugs and Research Medical
Responding Appropriately to Drug and Alcohol Referrals Medical
Research into Antipsychotic Discontinuation and Reduction Medical
Resource Access Discovery and Retrieval Networking
Regional Acute Diagnostic And Referral Regional
Radio Detecting and Ranging Space Science
Rochester Area Disabled Athletics and Recreation Sports
Radio Detection And Ranging Wireless Technology

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