What is the full form of SC ST & OBC?

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Table of Contents

  1. SC ST & OBC Full Form
  2. SC: Scheduled Castes
  3. ST: Scheduled Tribes
  4. OBC: Other Backward Class
  5. Other full forms of SC ST & OBC
    1. SC Full Form
    2. ST Full Form
    3. OBC Full Form

SC ST & OBC Full Form

The full form of SC ST and OBC is Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST) and Other Backward Classes (OBC). The government of India has made these castes category to help some caste and tribes. Sometimes minorities too, such as Muslims belong to the OBC(M) category. They have primary benefits of reservation in government jobs, higher education as well as in legislature. The system of reservation was framed by the Constituent Assembly which was chaired by Dr. BR Ambedkar. There is a provision of reservation for these Scheduled and Backward Classes in Article 16(4) of the Constitution. The mission of this reservation is to promote and advance the backward classes.

SC: Scheduled Castes

SC are the untouchable castes of India. They live outside the villages and were required to do ‘dirty’ jobs – such as clearing feces, cleaning dead animals, leather work etc. They were not allowed to touch the food, money, clothes of the upper caste as they were doing dirty work. They were the most discriminatory among the Shudra castes.

ST: Scheduled Tribes

ST are the tribals of India who live in the forests, there are also nomadic tribals. They are not part of any organized religion – they are considered outcasts. They have their own dressing style, traditions, food and culture.

  • Other full forms of ST

OBC: Other Backward Class

OBC were farmers who belong to socially, educationally and economically backward class. They were between the upper-castes and the scheduled castes in terms of social hierarchy. But still, there was discrimination. They were traditionally poor, illiterate and mostly engaged in agriculture, herding. OBCs are socially and educationally backward as compared to upper castes or general category. OBCs consider themselves above Scheduled Castes (SC). There are frequent clashes between OBCs and SCs.

  • Other full forms of OBC

I personally oppose casteism and I believe that casteism should be eradicated in India. If you find any information wrong in this article, then please do tell in the comment section.

Other full forms of SC ST & OBC

SC Full FormFull FormCategory
Supreme CourtLaw & Legal
ScienceField of Study
Second ClassGeneral
South CarolinaState
Santa CatarinaState
Santa CruzCity
San ClementeCity
Short CircuitElectronics
Solar CellElectronics
Source CodeSoftware
Schmidt numberEngineering
Statutes of CanadaLaw & Legal
Standard CharteredBanking
Stratum CorneumAnatomy & Physiology
Subscriber ConnectorNetworking
Surface CombatantsMilitary
Student ConnectionsPolicies & Programs
Sterling CollegeUniversities & Institutions
Synchronous CondenserElectrical
Sumitomo CorporationCompanies
Superior ColliculusAnatomy & Physiology
Sternoclavicular jointAnatomy & Physiology
Straddle CarrierShipping
Satyawati CollegeUniversities & Institutions
Shopping CenterGeneral Business
Self ContainedMilitary
Special CollectionsUS Government
Soft CoverNews & Media
Silicon CarbideChemistry
Smart CardHardware
Short CourseEducational
Single ChannelMilitary
Scientific CommunityUniversities
Silver CityState & Local
Self CarePhysiology
Stock CarSports
Second CityPerforming Arts
ST Full FormFull FormCategory
SaintReligion & Spirituality
Standard TimeTime Zones
Sub TotalAccounting
Students’ TicketLand Transport
Sao TomeCity
Sao Tome and PrincipeDomain Names (TLD)
Speech TherapyPhysiology
Stoke-on-TrentPostal Codes
GermaniaAirline Codes
Straits TimesNews
Service TaxRules & Regulations
Short TonUnits
sine tempore<br> [without time]Institutions
Student Transportation Inc.Companies
SplitLicense Plates
Surface TemperatureUnits
Same TimeChat
Special TopicsUniversities
Special TrainingMilitary
Short TermInvestments
Subject ToNetworking
Such ThatChat
Show And TellEducational
Sexually TransmittedPhysiology
Spring TrainingSports
Starting TimeSports
StateGeneral Computing
SesothoLanguage Codes
Scientific and TechnicalGeneral
Special TreatmentUS Government
OBC Full FormFull FormCategory
Oriental Bank of CommerceBanking
Oriental Basketball ClubBasketball
Organic & Biomolecular ChemistryJournals
Order of British ColumbiaAwards
Osaka Broadcasting CorporationTV & Radio
Ontario Building CodeArchitecture
Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso<br> [Balkans and Caucasus Observatory]Organizations
Over Betuwe CollegeInstitutions
Officer Basic CourseMilitary
Outline Business CaseGeneral Business
On Board ComputerNASA
Old Baseball CardsHobbies
Organization for Bat ConservationOrganizations
Oprah's Book ClubNews & Media
On Board CourierMilitary
On Board CameraNASA
Old Boys ClubCommunity
Obligatory Baseball CommentBaseball
Olivet Baptist ChurchReligion
Outboard Boating ClubRacing
Obock, DjiboutiAirport Codes
On Board CreditGeneral
Original Broadway CastPerforming Arts
Online Babyfur CommunityCommunity
Oden Bunka CenterCompanies & Firms
Our Boy ClayGeneral
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